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Don't Listen To Me...I'm Only an Educated Industry Professional

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Have you ever had or have been the new client who visits a salon because you've heard that they “do good hair”. I have! Somewhere during the consultation the client says, “I take good care of my own hair” which prompts the thought, “Why are you here?” I’m not quite sure what service the “do good hair” part is, so I will speak from my own experience. When a new client comes to me, it’s more like “I was told if I want a great cut, to come see you”. Or I’ll get the “I heard you do nice updos” and then the “I need a 911 appointment ASAP!” Occasionally, you get the client who wants a quick fix and a nice cut to bring her back from a bad experience and poor treatment. So, it's safe to believe that these types of clients (excluding those special cases) just want a great style with the latest “I heard” stylist, and not necessarily a new hair care provider. Why not? What is the thinking behind this, and why don’t you listen to us? Could it be that we advise you to visit at least twice a month for care and maintenance, and you think we’re trying to get you in our chairs to “make us rich”? That's not it at all because it would take so much more than just salon visits. Listen to us, the reason for the biweekly visit is because we’ve mastered the science and biology of hair which will keep your hair in optimum condition. Our continuous training and experience qualifies us to make that determination. Let’s not take for granted that all industry professionals continue with their education throughout their career. This is a problem for many reasons. 1. The education at the beginning of your career, will not sustain you throughout your career. 2. You’re not equipped to modify care with the changes your client’s body endures. 3. You’ve become an “I.D.E.M.” hairstylist. An “I.D.E.M.” hairstylist is one whose hair care doesn’t vary from texture to texture. This type of stylist uses the same relaxer and timing for all texture hair, cuts all hair the same, uses the same products for every client….it doesn’t even matter! The lack of education and the inability to know what adjustments to make and products are needed for care, puts the clients’ hair at risk. You can’t help women entering menopause, developing adult allergies, starting medication, etc. So should you listen to me? YES! Because I am an educated industry professional.  

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