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Salon Culture

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

What is salon culture? Salon culture is simply atmosphere. Do you know the culture of your salon? When a client walks into your salon, the culture is the setting, the feel…atmosphere, and atmosphere is constant. It isn’t turned on like the lights with the expectation to shine. You gotta work at that thing! I wanted my clients to get a feel of relaxing at home, so I designed my salon to reflect that. What I hear most from clients is “It’s so warm, welcoming, and relaxing”. Each time new or returning clients come into our businesses, they are bringing experiences with them from the past 20-30 minutes, weeks, or even years. We must flex to their needs by ensuring that the atmosphere is conducive to us providing the services we market. We are the filtration systems in our businesses, so let’s keep our filters clean. Let’s not just talk about hair salons, but our personalities. What is the culture of your “salon”? Are you prepared for guests?

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