Understanding is Everything

I am a hairstylist and a business owner. This career was not on my radar because I wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to be a journalist because I’ve always loved writing and wanted to write articles, poetry and ghost letters. I later learned that my writing style is clean and vividly descriptive. So how did I end up in a hair salon? After attending college for one semester and not returning, an ultimatum was presented to me. Who knew that ultimatum would be the thing leading me to my WHY. When someone asks “what are you doing?” our immediate response is to answer them as to what we are literally doing. Take cooking for instance. If you were asked “why are you cooking?”, you’d answer “I’m cooking because I’m hungry”. If you were to respond with “I am cooking this turkey because consuming raw poultry is a health risk and in order to properly nourish my body…” you’d probably get the side-eye. If you think about it, that is actually the “why”. Although we don’t respond like that, it’s safe to assume that we indeed know the purpose of what we’re doing. Now let’s apply that same knowledge of purpose to our careers. We all have job titles and along with that job title comes a job description, YES?, but what doesn’t come with that job description is job purpose. I’m not talking about the definition of your job title or the expectations of job fulfillment, I’m talking about the defined purpose of why you are doing your job. The WHY. What do you do as a nurse? What do you do as a music teacher? What do you do as a plumber? Etc. Now, I am certain that immediately after the question is asked of you, you can answer without hesitation, but let’s say that you were asked WHY are you a nurse, music teacher or plumber? Before today, you might have responded with answers like “because I love helping people”, “my mom is a nurse” or “I want children to grow to have a love for music”, which to many people would be endearing, generic answers. What if I told you that’s not your real why. Your why is created from motivators that are often unknown therefore unmentioned. Our work lives began out of desire or necessity. But what if we knew why we were equipped to do a job...WOW! Purposely fulfilling part of our destiny and not feeling as if we are just existing and working to pay bills. My why has nothing to do with my love for the artistry of hairstyling and makeup. I am a business owner to use my platform to mentor our young men and ladies. I introduce them to communication, self worth and love through social media and business which helps the shy and introverted not only love his/her voice but also use their voice. I hope by the end of this writing you are now moved to want to know your why. Don't be frustrated, the why will come.

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