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Updated: Feb 10, 2019

I believe starting with WHY opens doors to more questions. The more questions you ask the more answers you’ll get and even if you don’t get answers, it at least provokes thought. 3 months before I started my career I was unemployed, doing nothing and I was asked a question. “Why don’t you go to cosmetology school?” My immediate answer, “I’m too shy to be a hairstylist.” Then another question, “why do you think you’re too shy to be a hairstylist?” “I don’t like talking, I’m just too quiet.” Hair stylists seem to have a certain personality and I didn’t fit that mold. Well, because my mother gave me three options: get a job, go to school, or get out, I decided that since I was recently fired from my job at the board of taxation and I already went to college but didn't finish, I could give cosmetology a shot. I was still young and a career path had no urgency so I was really just “giving it a shot.” Like going to a new nail salon and seeing if there's a nail tech there who will finally get my nails right. You may feel that you don’t have the luxury of time to start again, add a hobby, or even build upon what you're already doing. Think about the time you’ve invested in your job and continuously wanted change. You hope your boss quits and the next boss will be “cool” or you think you need to be boss, but noooo you don’t want to be boss because that means you’ll have the responsibility of dealing with all the employees who are just like you or even worse. I understand believe me. Before I became serious about being a business owner, I knew I wouldn’t want to be the boss of an employee like myself. Of course this was well before I matured and understood the work ethics my parents taught me. So, like me, maybe you hoped for another boss.


Are you wanting the next boss to be lenient, someone you can be friends with, or just the type of boss that you would be? Before you know it, here goes the question, what kind of boss would I be? Alright I’ll answer that question because I asked myself; I would be a boss who creates a culture where people feel welcomed and comfortable. I would be friendly with my staff but also want to be respected as boss. Now there are times when I have to usurp my authority and do I enjoy it? Absolutely, because it’s going to get the results that support my reason for being in business. So what has happened by asking myself that question? I started making preparations to change how I worked, I started customizing my business ethics to attract the type of clientele that I wanted to serve. I thought I only wanted career mothers because they would bring their daughters, and having their daughters with them would limit the amount of foolishness I would have to deal with in the salon. Remember, I was extremely quiet so I didn’t want any “drama.” Fast forward 27 years and I’m just learning that it was never the clientele who would generate the atmosphere…it was me! They model my business ethics. Now I am not saying I have it all together, but I use what I’ve seen and all that I experience in other businesses as a reminder of why I am in business. I made one move that changed my life... I STARTED. And what did I start? I started a path, same career, but I started a path to change the seat in which I sat. If I had never “started,” I wouldn’t have advanced to this level of fulfillment and if I had not moved forward, where would I be? If you are not where you need to be or want to be, even if it’s not being the boss, visualize the seat you want to sit in and START.

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